ISP is free software that I provide and that is documented on this Web site.   ISP is used to program (or re-program) a MicroChip PIC processor.  LocoBuffer and LocoIO contain MicroChip PIC processors and these processors contain software (sometimes called microcode).  If you build either of these devices from scratch, you will have to program the PIC.  You have a few options to do this.

       I can do it for you (for free)

       If you own a PIC programmer, you can do it yourself

       You can build LocoBuffer and program it with ISP and itself

When you buy a kit from me, it comes with a programmed PIC.  Sometimes bugs are uncovered in the LocoBuffer or LocoIO code and I make upgrades available.  These upgrades can also be installed by you using ISP.  I also enhance the LocoIO code on a regular basis so you can use ISP to upgrade the code in you LocoIO as new functionality is released. 


ISP is written in Visual Basic 6.0 and requires a Windows 98 or 2000 machine to run on.  The machine must also have a serial port on it.


To read more about ISP go here.


To download the source code for ISP, click here.


To download the executable code for ISP, click here.


If you messed up your LocoIO EEPROM data, click here.